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Bryan Ohio area Real Estate Services

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    Bryan Ohio real estate is a hot commodity, so to say. I have watched this town grow in size and numbers over the years. I believe the current Census states over 12,000 people within Bryan, and over 36,000 in the surrounding area. Now that is a lot of ground! Residential property sells for $75,000 to $500,000 depending on your taste and commercial property is $150,000 and up. The trend in town is remove one structure, put up a duplex.

    Bryan is a strong and growing city, rated in the top 100 of the best small towns in America. The south end strip malls is booming, Super Wal-mart is finally here, and residential property sells at a better than normal rate, new and used.

    Take a look around this site to find many places to locate information on Bryan, Ohio real estate. Free business listings, Northwest Ohio advertising, and much more. At the top of this page, below the banner, you will find links to help you better navigate the subject of Real Estate in Bryan, Ohio and the surrounding area.

    Local agents, local appraisers, local loans and local information. Shop Bryan serves up information for the service oriented and retail businesses in Bryan, Ohio and it's surrounding area.

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